A Helping Paw

FIDO.com “Buy Give” Initiative

At FIDO.com, we have two key goals:

Goal #1
Providing dog lovers with fun, creative pet-themed apparel and accessories to show off your tail-waggers!

Goal #2
Above all else, our mission is to help animals in need through social giving.

When purchasing any of our products from FIDO.com, you’ll notice the “BUY GIVE” initiative. This means that for every product you buy from FIDO.com, we will give between $1 and $10 to selected no kill pet shelters, rescue groups, or pet adoption agencies. This is a general rule of thumb – or paw – no questions asked.

Each and every animal welfare organization we associate with and support needs as much financial help as possible in order to give abused, injured, and abandoned pets a temporary home until a permanent one becomes available.

The great thing about these organizations is that they already have and continue to save the lives of countless pets on a daily basis. That’s why we’ll continue to support them so they can carry on doing their magic and saving as many lives as possible.

Truth be told, apart from food and water, animals don’t expect a lot from us. Yet, each day, they give us everything they have in the form of unconditional love. Let’s start giving back to all the animals for their undying love by supporting organizations dedicated to helping unwanted and abandoned pets find safe, loving, and warm homes.

How Can I Help?

The answer is simple. Join the pack and start spoiling yourself with something from FIDO.com…and we’ll take care of the rest.

All products sold on FIDO.com are under our BUY GIVE initiative. At first, we’ll start by selecting one or two local pet rescue groups, shelters, or adoption agencies to give to with the goal of eventually giving to as many different ones as we can!

How Does it Work?

It’s simple! For every time you buy, we give.


$49.99 or less → $1 Donated
$50 - $99.99 → $2 Donated
$100 - $149.99 → $3 Donated
$150 - $199.99 → $4 Donated
$200 - $299.99 → $5 Donated
$300 - $399.99 → $8 Donated
$400 + → $10 Donated 

Join The Pack!

There’s no time to paws. Click here to browse and shop through our collection of high-quality fashion and accessories and instantaneously become a part of the “BUY GIVE” initiative.

Help us mark our territory.

Use the hashtag #shopformyfido, follow us on Instagram at @shopformyfido and share our products and BUY GIVE initiative with all your dog-loving friends and family, because…

…TOGETHER, we can make a pawsitive impact!